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Achalpur - Town - Maharashtra State - India

Achalpur (formerly known as Ellichpur and Illychpur) is a city and a municipal council in Amravati District in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the second most populous city in Amravati District after Amravati.  It has a twin city known as Paratwada.

History of Achalpur Town

It was Capital of Berar. It was under successive Mohamedan rulers who have left behind relics of their rule in the form of Idgah, Moseques and Tombs. The most famous of all the Achalpur antiquities is the Dulhasha-Dargah where on the 10 th Rabi-ul-aval anurs is held in the honour of Dulha Shah in Sultanpura, there is a small fort known as "Sultanpura-Gadhi" built in sand and stone.  This was built by Nawab Sultan Khan in 1754 A.D. The town was fortified in the days of the early muslim rulers Ismail Khan a son of Sultan Khan by huge and solid masonry rampart with 4- gates. The names of the gates are Dulhagate, Tondgaon gate, Bundelpura gate, and hirapura gate.




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