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AAP's Challenges for 2014 Lok Sabha Election - Yogendra Yadav

Interview Published in Mint on 13 January.
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12 January 2014



AAP's Success

AAP is being received with enormous excitement. The formation of government has taken us to a high level of political support, enthusiasm and so on.

Period of Learning

For a new party like, this is  a period of learning. It’s a period  where you learn the ropes and  learn lessons for the future.

Our  Challenges and Plan

We do not have very elaborate plans. So, the first thing we are doing  is to assess   where we stand  in Delhi and outside of Delhi in different parts of the country.

Step two is to allow for mechanisms for inducting this additional energy that we have suddenly been gifted with. we have devised this  programme of Main Bhi Aam Aadmi, which is to enrol very large number of Indians all over the country into the party.

Step three is to find the leaders and select from them persons who are in tune with our values and goals and who can lead the members in electoral work.

After the 10 years incumbency of the UPA (United Progressive Alliance), there is not just disquiet, there is not just anti-incumbency, there is a deep sense of disgust with the regime that governs. Whether BJP (traditional party of long history) will gain from it or a totally new party (with different thought process) gains from it we have to see.

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13 January 2014
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