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Narendra Modi's Address to BJP National Council Meeting 19 Jan 2014 - YouTube Video

Live Narendra Modi's Address


For the last few days we have been talking about issues surrounding our Party, our Nation:
We have seen many elections. But 2014 is different for various reasons. Never have things been in such a mess
I do not think any nation has seen the days that we are seeing now. See the level of corruption in the last decade:
Farmers are committing suicide, youth do not have jobs, women are concerned about their safety:

2014 is not about 'Satta parivartan' but about being a ray of hope for a billion Indians:
These days Chaiwallahs are being talked about. Every tea seller is very proud:
Wo Namdaar hai aur mai Kamdaar hoon:
They feel how can someone born in the backward strata of society...a man whose Mother cleaned utensils, a man who sold tea..we compete?

During freedom struggle people had opportunity to give their life for Swarajya...we have to dedicate ourselves to Surajya:
I assure you that regions that are underdeveloped will be our top most priority:
Be it Bihar, WB, Jharkhand, Assam, North East, Odisha...we believe in equal and all round development:
Regional aspirations can be opportunities for development. Every state must have the passion to develop:

I feel PMs and all CMs be a team that takes the nation ahead:
We need to emerge out of bad governance and embrace good governance:
Good governance is not for the rich but for the poor, the marginalised:
Good governance is not about doles only but about development and delivery:
We do not need committees but we need commitment. Nation reeling under burden of the several committees you have created in last decade.
 Women empowerment is very crucial to our development: Let us see our women not as Home Makers but as Nation Builders:
For years you chose Shasaks, now for 60 months please trust a sevak:
We need to give importance to skill development because this way we can end unemployment:
There should be a separate court for black marketeers and they should be punished severely:
Relevant steps will be taken. Laws, task forces will be made but we will ensure that every bit of money abroad will be brought back:
We need to give importance to next generation infrastructure. How can we integrate water & gas grids, optical fibre:
Sadly we have not given importance to Railways. See what Japan did with their railways through concept of Bullet Train:
Why cannot we have specialised Railway Universities:
Urbanisation cannot be taken as a threat but as an opportunity. Why cannot we have 100 modern cities:
We should think of a twin city concept and this can give a new model of development. Similarly we can see satellite cities:
Special care needs to be given on agro infrastructure. We need to fulfil Atal ji's dream of integrating the rivers:
If we have to make a mark then no compromise on education. We need to strengthen primary education. Every state can have IIT/IIM/AIIMS.

We should work towards Brand India & 5 T- Talent, Tradition, Tourism, Trade & Technology:

Shri Narendra Modi is urging Karyakartas to work at polling booth level.

Shri Rajnath Singh says Modi ji's speech is inspiring and gives a strong message on what the BJP would do for the nation.

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Many  speakers gave  their amendments to the political resolution.

Sushma Swaraj moved the political Resolution
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