Sunday, January 5, 2014

Haneef Ali - BJP Leader

August 2009

Andhra Pradesh State BJP Minority Morcha  president

 Mr Haneef Ali, said muslims were also  beneficiaries of the government schemes in Madhya Pradesh.
He asserted that the Muslim community was enjoying the benefits of schemes like Ladli Laxmi Scheme, which encourages bearing of female child.

The State of Chattisgarh has successfully recovered all the Wakf properties from going into wrong hands. Contrary to this, the AP government alienated Wakf lands worth more than Rs 20,000 crores to the Lanco Hills under the tenure of Mr Shabbir Ali, the former Minister for Wakfs he added.

Mr Haneef said that the BJP-ruled Karnataka government had earmarked Rs 167 crores in the budget for the welfare of the Muslim minorities whereas the same was only two-digit amounts under other governments. The Karnataka also has a scheme for providing financial support to female Muslims students from the primary to the post-graduation level.

BJP provided maximum subsidy to those who were making a holy Haj journey. Under the NDA rule, the fare for Haj pilgrimage was only Rs 12,000 per person, whereas the UPA government increased it by four-fold Rs 45,000.

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