Monday, January 13, 2014

Reaching 25 crore People through Rallies by BJP - Is it Feasible?

 BJP has plant to reach out to at least 25 crore people through rallies and other public interactions of its PM candidate across the country. Is it feasible?

Even getting 25 crore people to all rallies of BJP would be a difficult exercise. Why?

BJP plans to contest 450 seats leaving 93 seats to allies.

Reaching 25 crore people means reaching 5,55,555 people per constituency. If BJP can reach so many people with their rallies plus door to door campaigns, the achievement will be great. They have to request each person they contacted to tell one more person and that would mean a coverage of 50 crore people.

If BJP can address a rally in each of the 2,38,617 panchayats and 100 people attend the rally it would mean
contacting 2,38,61,700.

250 Modi rallies may get an average of 1,00,000 people It will be 2,50,00,000

In each assembly constituency main centre they may hold rallies with 10,000 people in attendance. That will give 450*6 = 2700*10,000   = 2,70,00,000

So in all the rallies they may not be able to touch more than 10 crores. They announced a 10 crore household contact in 8000 towns. If they do it they will be able to touch at least 10 crore people. The rural area household contact would also take place. If that also can touch 10 crore people, BJP may be able touch 30 crore people directly and then request each person to contact one more person. 

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