Saturday, January 18, 2014

BJP's Election Campaign Plan - 2014 Lok Sabha Election - Narendra Modi's Organization

A journalist in a discussion on a TV channel said this time the BJP's election campaign is very elaborate. He has never seen such elaborate planning before. He said that he was covering elections for a long time. What is the elaborate election campaign Modi is putting in place? Will it have an effect on voting pattern. There are econometric models for predicting election outcomes. Is election campaign an important variable?

18 January 2014
Speaking to all the party workers (karyakartas) present for National Council Meeting Modi emphasized the importance of the booth level committees to get the actual voting. The final step of getting the vote is in the hands of booth committees. Public rallies, TV debates, posters and magazines advertisement all will fail unless the booth committee converts the campaign into final vote.

Modi asked all volunteers who go the houses to find from them what they want from the government. Find out what they are emotional about, he added.

Minimum 100 families for booth have to be contacted. He asked lady volunteers of Mahila Morcha to apply henna lotus symbol in the hands of 10 crore ladies by February end.  He also suggested to the volunteers to show campaign videos to groups of 25 to 30 persons in various places in the booth area.

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